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2D Artwork and 3D Modeling for Game Artists (Premier Press Game Development (Software))
by David Franson Focus On 2D in Direct3D (Premier Press Game Development Series)
by Ernest Pazera AI Techniques for Game Programming (The Premier Press Game Development Series)
by Mat Buckland

Disney's Magical Quest Starring 

Minnie & Mickey Playstation Super Circuit Jeremy McGrath Supercross '98
Other products by Acclaim Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
Other products by Acclaim Valkyrie Profile 
by Enix America Corp. 
Kolona Cat in the 



Hawk's Underground by Activision Jak II by Sony 

Entertainment Street Legal by 

Activision Need for Speed 
Underground by Electronic Arts Ratchet & Clank: 


Commando by Sony Computer Entertainment Halo2 Strategy 

Guide Madden 

2005 Sly 2 Band of 

Thieves Get a free copy of Myst 

III: Exile in the box with your order of Myst IV: Revelation. Prince of Persia Strategy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- Rockstar Games; PlayStation2 Madden NFL 2004 
by Electronic Arts Sierra Sports: Grand 


Legends Other products by Sierra for Windows  Medieval Battle Collection Colin McRae Rally 2 

by Codemasters F1 2002 by EA Sports 

F1 Career Challenge 


Electronic Arts Crazy Taxi 2 by 

Activision Sega of America, Inc. World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars by Atari SSX 3 : 


Official Strategy Guide (Prima's Official Strategy Guides)by Shawn Smith Lord of the Rings: Return 


the King by Electronic Arts SSX-3 



The Ultimate Challenge for NASCAR Fans by NASCAR
Le Mans 24 HoursOther products by Atari

Final Fantasy X-2 Limited Edition Strategy Guide by Dan Birlew Final Fantasy Limited Edition Strategy Guide by Dan Birlew Final 

Fantasy X-2 Strategy Tony 

Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Super 

Smash Bros   Nintendo 64 Riven: The Sequel to Myst by UBI Soft (CD-ROM) Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition Other products by Atari Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Konami StarCraft by Blizzard Entertainment (CD-ROM) Super Smash Bros   Nintendo 64 B00003OPES Star Wars Starfighter Other products by Lucasarts Entertainment Platform:   PlayStation2  Tekken 3 Other products by Namco Platform:   PlayStation Craash Team Racing 	Crash Bandicoot 2 by Sony Computer Entertainment (CD-ROM) B00000I1BR Crash Bandicoot Ape Escape Resident Evil 2 -  Capcom - Platform:   PlayStation Syphon Filter -  Sony Computer Entertainment - Platform:   PlayStation Syphon Filter  2 Twisted Metal Spider-Man Fear Effect Alundra by Working Designs Final Fantasy VII Metroid
 Tactics and Puzzle-Solving Digital Game  Tactics and Puzzle-Solving Digital Game

Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: The 

Haunted Carousel
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: 


Dogs of Moon Lake
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: 


of the Scarlet Hand
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: The 

Final Scene
by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew 

Treasure In The Royal Tower by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: 

Message in a Haunted Mansion by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew: 


Tuned for Danger by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew 


Can Kill by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) DREAMCATCHER 

Nancy Drew Classic Adventures Vol. 1 (Windows) by Dreamcatcher Nancy Drew: 

Double Dare Compiliation
by Atari (CD-ROM ) Nancy Drew: The Final Scene & Treasure In The Royal Tower
Other products by Dreamcatcher Nancy Drew: 


of Blackmoor Manor by Her Interactive (CD-ROM) Nancy Drew 

Original Mysteries: Starter Set: Secret of Red Gate Farm, Secret of Shadow Ranch, Mystery at Lilac Inn, Bungalow Mystery, 

Hidden Staircase, 

Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew (Hardcover)) [BOX SET]by Carolyn Keene Nancy 

Drew Gameboy Advance The Hardy 

Boys Starter Set by Franklin Dixon Nancy 

Drew Nancy 

Drew The Sims 


Special Edition Devil May 

Cry: Capcom Platform PS2 Resident 

Evil: Code Veronica X: Capcom Platform:    PlayStation2  Sony 

Computer Entertainment America:Platform:  Ps2PlayStation Prizewinning Japanese Video Game Final 


X:SQUARE ENIX USA INC.Platform:    PlayStation2

MSN Gaming Zone http://zone.msn.com/
Microsoft's gaming network.

Battle.net http://www.battle.net/
Play Diablo I and II, Lords of Destruction, StarCraft, Brood War, and WarCraft II Battle.net Edition. Offers technical support FAQs, forums, and news.

GameSpy Arcade http://www.gamespyarcade.com
Opponent locator.

Kali http://www.kali.net/
Free IPX gaming system offers news and software download.

Game2XS http://www.game2xs.com
An online gaming service provider.

Tournament.com http://www.tournament.com
A gaming community born from the FPS community.

Hypernet http://www.hypernetgaming.com/
LAN and servers that provides Counter-Strike, StarCraft, Diablo, DOD and other games.

Qtracker http://www.qtracker.com/
Provides product information, news, downloads, servers, and help.

GlobalGaming Arena http://www.globalgaming.co.uk/
A cybercafe offering online multiplayer game tournaments, server web hosting, and net use. With hours, machine specifications, and prices. Located in Birmingham.

i4Games http://www.i4games.net/
Provides public and private servers, forums, rules, statistics and downloads.

PlayStation Network Gaming http://uk.playstation.com/networkgaming/home.jhtml
Network gaming forum covering everything you need to know about PS2 broadband and PlayStation Central Station.

Shockwave - Computer Gaming Center http://www.shockwavegaming.com
Shockwave gaming community.

Ultimate Gamers League http://www.ugleague.org
Organizes matches between clans that finally culminate in a playoff and a winner.

Konspiracy Network http://www.konspiracy.org
North American database of all TFC matches from the first day of all the top leagues.

Gizmos Computer Gaming Center http://www.gizmosgaming.com
A LAN center where people can play popular multiplayer titles or participate in leagues or tournaments

The Inch High Sniper Guy Server http://www.a2e1fxn.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk
Provides an open play service for the anyone to play on, with no passwords and very few restrictions.

Temple of Assassins http://www.thekind.net/
Offers server play for Quake 2 Lithium, Soldier of Fortune, and Quake 3 Urban Terror.

Games.nac.net http://games.nac.net/
Many games available including Quake, Mechwarrior, and Wing commander. Features server information.

The Velocity Games Network http://www.velocitygames.co.uk/
Broadband gaming network for PC, Xbox, PS2 and GC. Previews, reviews, cheats, hints, demos, downloads, features, forums, chat rooms and tech support.

National West Covina NTN Trivia Team http://nwc.donrdenton.com
The National West Covina NTN Team site with team rankings for premium NTN games and a directory of NTN players.

Starry Video Games Online

Prince of Persia 3-D by 


Learning Company - Platform:   Windows 95 / 98 / Me Prince of Persia I and II 

- The 

Learning Company Prince of Persia: 


by UBI Soft (CD-ROM )-Windows 98 / XP-ESRB Rating: Rating Pending Prince of Qin (PC 


Shareware: Furcadia

Furcadia FAQ

Multiplayer Video Games
Video Games Online in Many Languages Find the Most Requested Part for your Car.
Online-Spiele als Flash

Chinese Romance and Super Nintendo! and More!

Massively Multiplayer 

Game Development (Game Development Series)
by Thor Alexander Multiplayer Game 

Programming w/CD by Todd Barron, Andre Lamothe Developing Online 

Games: An Insider's Guideby Jessica Mulligan, Bridgette Patrovsky Computer Visualization Texturing & Modeling: A Procedural Approach, Third Edition by David S. Ebert, F., Kenton Musgrave, Darwyn Peachey, Ken 

Perlin, Steven Worley Advanced RenderMan by Anthony A. Apodaca, Larry Gritz Messier Objects, The, Framed Art Print

Free International Wireless - OGO

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